About MiC

Our mission statement:

To be an active partnership that advocates for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough museums; supports their staff, trustees and volunteers; and promotes their work to strategic partnerships, funders and visitors.

MIC launched its 5 year strategy and action plan in November 2019: Museums in Cambridgeshire Strategy 2020-2025

Our current aims:

  • Support museum development across the county, including coordinated fundraising and effective use of MiC’s own resources
  • Advocate for the work of museums in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to strategic partners and networks
  • Work collaboratively with agencies, groups and organisations locally, regionally and nationally
  • Support communications and networks for staff, volunteers and trustees, ultimately aiming to contribute to raising standards across our museums

Membership is open to any museum in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough.

The  MiC committee includes representatives from independent, local authority and university museums, as well as representatives from Cambridgeshire Museums Forum and Cambridgeshire Heritage Education Group.

Secretary: Emma Bunbury, Museums Partnership Officer.

Further details of recent small development projects carried out in Cambridgeshire museums-

Cambridgeshire Museums Small Grants 2018-19

Cambridgeshire Museums Small Grants 2017-18
Cambridgeshire Museums Small Grants 2016-17
– Cambridgeshire Museums Small Grants 2015-16
Cambridgeshire Museums Small Grants 2014-15