Museums in Cambridgeshire News n. 54 (9 June 2016)

Dear colleague

Here is this week’s collection of news items:

  1. Suffolk are looking for a Museum Development Officer, closing date 20 June. Details are at
  2. I attach a press release concerning the Cambridgeshire Pals project, timed to coincide with commemoration of the terrible events on the Somme a century ago.
  3. There is an excellent report on ‘What’s the Story’ online story telling at
  4. I am concerned to find out that several museums did not see my plea in MiC News 52 for them to fill in the benchmarking survey so here is the news item again: I attach the new SHARE Benchmarking form for 2015-2016 and would ask that every Accredited museum in the County completes this by 31 August please, as it is very important. The purpose of the survey is to gather evidence to help demonstrate and prove the social and economic importance of museums both locally and regionally to funders and stakeholders. It also provides museums with data to enable them to benchmark their performance. SHARE and I would be very grateful if you would take the time to complete this survey and if you prefer you can use Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about this.