Museums in Cambridgeshire News no. 59 (29 July 2016)

Dear colleague

Here is this week’s news of relevance to Cambridgeshire museums:

  1. The Museum of Zoology is advertising for a conservator at, closing date 4 August.
  2. The National Horseracing Museum is advertising for a workshop leader (see attached), closing date 3 August.
  3. The Society of Museum Archaeologists is about to send out details of a survey they are carrying out on storage capacity. There will be six weeks for replies to be received. I hope to be able to circulate details in the next MiC News.
  4. The Group for Education in Museums conference is 31 August – 1 September in Edinburgh and looks very interesting. See for details.
  5. Congratulations to the Museum of Zoology and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on both achieving awards from the Designation Challenge Fund. See
  6. The Arts Council are inviting applications to join the Accreditation Committee at, closing date 2 September.
  7. The report on the many excellent project funded by Cambridgeshire Museums small grants 2015-2016 is now available on the MiC website at
  8. Creative Arts East has a budget to support internships for young unemployed people in the Arts sector  including museums. Any work/jobs in museums would be eligible and job shares between museums are possible. Each position can attract a grant of £2500 and has some T&Cs including latest start date of 30 September. If anyone is interested please contact Elly Wilson asap at
  9. I attach details of a freelance role at Kettles Yard for an Arts Award co-ordinator, closing date 18 August.
  10. The Fitzwilliam Museum is advertising for an Exhibitions Manager at, closing date 8 August.