Museums in Cambridgeshire News no. 69 (14 October 20160

Dear colleague

  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT SMALL GRANTS: Due to the start of the SWIM 2 project I have decided to allow more time to make small grant decisions this year. I had said that the deadline for applications would be 28 October but I am now extending that to close of play on 31 October. I will now inform applicants of the results of their applications by 15 November and the deadline for claiming grants has been similarly extended. See application forms and revised guidance attached.
  2. Jeremy Thackray needs a lift from Cambridge to the Emergency Planning SHARE day in Braintree on 21 October. Please let me know if you can help.
  3. The A14 improvement scheme preliminary archaeological investigations have been completed, with about fifty sites selected for excavation over the next few years. Some of these may yield significant finds which could be displayed at least temporarily in museums near the route. I will post regular updates of this but in the meantime I am working with my archaeological colleagues here at the County Council to plan for the museum engagement in the process.
  4. Burwell Museum have a number of items for disposal to other museums (see attached). If you are interested please email or call 01638 605544 before 12 December.