Museums in Cambridgeshire News no. 133 (26 June 2018)

Dear colleague

Firstly, sincere apologies for sending you the wrong list of objects for disposal from Burwell Museum in MiC News no. 132 – the correct one is now attached!

Secondly, please also find attached the agenda for the Museums in Cambridgeshire meeting to be held at Peterborough Museum at 10.30am on Thursday 13 July.

Thirdly, a reminder to all museum trustees that there will be a ‘Trustee Muster’ at Ely Museum at 4pm on Thursday 19 July. Since I don’t have many trustees on the mailing list for MiC News, could you please pass on the news of the muster to your trustees for me and ask them to contact me if they are interested? I do need to create a mailing list of trustees who are interested in attending; some I know but most I don’t and they are usually personal email addresses, so I will need their permission.

Fourthly, I attach a marketing plan brief for the Norris Museum, closing date 15 July.