Museums in Cambridgeshire News no. 136 (19 July 2018)

Dear colleague


Firstly, a reminder that there will be a ‘trustee muster’ at Ely Museum this afternoon from 4pm to 6pm. Unfortunately I have don’t yet have an easy means of contacting trustees directly (their email addresses are usually personal so I need their permission to contact them) and at the moment I rely on colleagues to pass on the information to them. So if you have not already done so, please do ask your trustees to contact me or – better still – encourage them to attend this afternoon, albeit at very short notice!

Here is the rest of this week’s news:

  1. Congratulations are due to Thorney Heritage Museum and Peterborough Museum on achieving Full Accreditation!
  2. The next meeting of Cambridgeshire Museums Forum will be at Peterborough Museum at 2.30pm on 26 September, details to follow.
  3. There are vacancies on the ACE South East Area Council. See for details.
  4. SHARE has just published its guide to working with freelancers (see attached).
  5. I have had several enquiries recently about the availability of temporary storage. If you know of any such storage facilities can you please let me know so that I can make enquiries?


Continue to enjoy the warm weather!