Museums in Cambridgeshire News 6 (26 March 2015)

Regular round-up of news for Museums in Cambridgeshire from Gordon Chancellor, Museums Partnership Officer.

There’s a mix of items this week:

1. The SHARE Front of House Forum has a training day at Ely Museum on 27 April. If you are in the north of Cambridgeshire I would urge you to consider signing up for this.

2. The HLF offices are moving tomorrow to Eastbrook, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge CB2 8DF.

3. Please do consider nominating volunteers for a SHARE award – the deadline is tomorrow but I’d bet a nomination which drops through the SHARE mailbox first thing on Monday would not go straight in the bin.

4. I’m getting interested in hearing the experience of museums which have trustee indemnity insurance, so can you let me know if your museum does, please?

5. The recruitment process for trustees at the Cromwell has begun. The link is and the closing date is provisionally 23 April.

I’m sure you will join me in thanking Stuart Hobley for all he has done for museums in the region in his role as HLF Development Manager. Stuart is moving to become Head of the London region on 14 April and we will all miss the fantastic knowledge and advice he has imparted across the East over the last ten years. Kate Brown has asked me to say that if you want to email her a line to her by 7 April she will cut and paste into a card for Stuart.