Museums in Cambridgeshire News 1 (19 February 2015)

Regular round-up of news for Museums in Cambridgeshire from Gordon Chancellor, Museums Partnership Officer.

There are some vacancies to be filled:

  1. The stained Glass Museum are looking for a Visitor Services Assistant, closing date 28 February.
  2. Welwyn Hatfield are looking for a Curator, closing date 8 March – job advert and description.
  3. The Fitzwilliam is looking for a Departmental Technician, Antiquities, closing date 16 March.
  4. The Fitzwilliam are also looking for a website migration content editor, closing date 9 March.

Norfolk Museums (Norwich and Yarmouth) have another batch of items to dispose of. If you are interested, please direct all enquiries to Wayne Holland, Collections Development Assistant, 01603 222562 Please note that the list is said to be ‘provisional’.

The British Museum has an interesting looking free conference on ‘The Curator of the Future’ on 13 April.

Finally, can I draw your attention to some new resources called ‘Object Lessons’ which have been prepared by the Social History Curators Group on