Museums in Cambridgeshire News 20 (31 July 2015)

Regular round-up of news for Museums in Cambridgeshire from Gordon Chancellor, Museums Partnership Officer.

  1. Can I draw your attention to the revised County Council list of funding opportunities, to which I have contributed some museum/heritage  details?
  1. Small Scale Capital Scheme 2015/16. At the Museum Development Network conference last month, Arts Council England announced £1.2m of new national funding for a small capital grant scheme for museums in England. SHARE Museums East will administer the regional allocation of £158,400. The purpose of the fund is to enable more museums to borrow significant objects from national museums and Major Partner Museums to upgrade buildings and display spaces to meet the requirements of the Government Indemnity Scheme. Grants could cover costs such as:
  • environmental works
  • display cases,
  • reinforced windows and doors,
  • building alarm systems
  • object protection devices,
  • small scale building work.

Arts Council are developing guidance for national museum development providers with further details on eligibility, criteria, timescales and how to apply to follow through SHARE Museums East and county based communication channels. The full guidance from ACE to museum development providers is expected next week.  Confirmation of delegated distribution of this investment by Arts Council, to be administered by SHARE Museums East for the benefit of museums in the East of England region, will be provided as a separate funding offer to national museum development providers. This is currently being prepared by ACE.