Museums in Cambridgeshire News 19 (24 July 2015)

Regular round-up of news for Museums in Cambridgeshire from Gordon Chancellor, Museums Partnership Officer.

  1. The Museums Association have some (almost) free places at this year’s Birmingham conference, on a first come first served basis. They also have a deal where if you join next week you get the first three months sub for free.
  2. The Touring Exhibitions Group has ACE Resilience Funding to carry out research into the economics of touring exhibitions. If you do their 10-minute survey by 31 July you could win a free place at one of their seminars. Let me know if you would like more details.
  3. I attach an advert from CS3 inviting tenders to produce an educational resource pack for the Home from Home project in Fenland. Let me know if you want further details.
  4. I attach an advert for a Collections and Learning Curator at Ipswich Museum, closing date 29 July.
  5. May I mention that the excellent Bottisham Airfield Museum has an open day on 27 September? Let me know if you want details – the volunteers there are doing great things!