Museums in Cambridgeshire News no. 38 (14 January 2016)

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Here is this week’s crop of news items for Cambridgeshire museums:


  1. SHARE has a training session on museum mentoring at the Fitzwilliam Museum on 23 February.
  2. The SHARE Front of House Forum has an excellent joint meeting with the Retail Forum on 1 February, also at the Fitzwilliam Museum.
  3. There are some interesting European opportunities for museums to be covered in Euclid seminars around the country over the next week or so (see Of most obvious relevance is Commemorations of major historical turning points in recent European history: 1936 Beginning of the Spanish Civil War; 1956 Political and social mobilisation in central Europe; 1991 Beginning of the Yugoslav Wars; 1951 Adoption of the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees in relation with the post WWII refugee situation in Europe.
  4. The Art Fund is advertising a course on navigating the art market which may be of interest to curators at
  5. The Art Fund has also announced Jonathan Ruffer Curatorial Grants Programme. This provides funding for travel and other practical costs to help curators from museums large and small undertake collection and exhibition research projects within the UK or anywhere in the world. Applications for grants under £1,500 can be accepted at any time, while applications over £1,500 are only considered three times a year. The deadlines for 2016 are as follows: 20 January, 20 May, 14 September. Full details can be found on their website.
  6. The Waterbeach Military Heritage Museum wonders if any museum has a dehumidifier to dispose of or which they could loan. They also want a lit upright display case, with as much glass as possible, perhaps to buy second-hand. If you can help with either of these items please let me know.
  7. The ACE Museum Resilience Fund has been opened for applications at
  8. The Museum of Cambridge hopes to find a home for a copper hot water bottle, 8.5” diameter (see attached). Please contact if you are interested.