Museums in Cambridgeshire News no. 92 (12 May 2017)

Dear colleague

It is with sadness that I have to pass on the news of the death of David White, Treasurer of Museums in Cambridgeshire. David was a friend to many, many people in Cambridge, myself included, and a constant champion of museums of all shapes and sizes. One of the last things David insisted on doing, even when not feeling at all well, was attending the MiC meeting at the Cambridge Museum of Technology on 27 April. He will be missed for a long time.

There are a few other items of museum news to pass on:

1. Burwell Museum has another batch of items for disposal (see attached).
2. The regional meeting of the British Association of Friends of Museums, open to non members, is at Bedford on 10 June (see attached).
3. The Touring Exhibitions Group has a snap shot survey of current museum loans practice at Lending and Borrowing Experiences Survey 2017.
4. The deadline for the training needs survey has been extended to 29 May and we are still a bit short of entries from Cambridgeshire. So if you haven’t responded yet please do so at